Calgary Society for Equity in Technology

Calgary Society for Equity in Tech is a local volunteer-administered collective that offers low cost classes/events in technology to the Calgary community.

Mission Statement

The Calgary Society for Equity in Technology (CSET) is a network of peers who facilitate classes, workshops, and skill-sharing events outside of a traditional institutional setting. Our classes and events are for people to share knowledge and experiences, make connections, and learn from one another. CSET attempts to make space for anyone to come together as we areĀ– queer, trans, femme, racialized, neurodivergent, low-income, marginalized in other ways, and active allies who follow safer space standards. This will always be something we must improve on and struggle to achieve.

CSET gives much credit to the formal institution that it bloomed from, and the work that the former directors/teachers/volunteers of Calgary School of Informal Education. Without their guidance of them, CSET would not exist.

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